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Cassette Tape Portraits of Rock Musicians

Erika Simmons created wonderful cassette tape portraits of famous rock musicians as part of an ad campaign by RC Comunicação to promote a classic rock program on the Brazilian radio station Rádio Guarani FM. Advertisements

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How The Bat Symbol Has Changed Over The Years

Andrei D. Robu takes a look at how the bat symbol has changed over the years.

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Posted in Art and Design, Moobies

Simpsons Themed Parody of Bansky by JBOY

London art collective JBOY created an awesome Simpsons themed parody of Banksy in response to the Banksy directed opening of last night’s episode of The Simpsons.

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Cats Playing In A Ball of Yarn Storm

A new Purina ONE television ad featuring cats going out to play in a ball of yarn storm.  

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What Camera?

The Cloak Bag was designed to solve a problem many travelers face when carrying their expensive cameras in less reputable areas; how to keep your camera out of sight yet still ready at a second’s notice when you are out … Continue reading

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Go Phils!

  🙂 xo Charmaine Ensinger