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Tetris Sugar Cubes

Though just a concept, we’re pretty sure that these Tertris Sugar Cubes by Danil Zdorov, could really take off. Many retro game fans would be more than pleased to sweeten their coffee or tea with the famous cubes. The only thing that could make them cooler? Food coloring.

A genuine collection of cans.










Art and History – definitely art history – are probably subjects you didn’t pay much attention to in school. Beer, on the other hand, was probably your favorite subject throughout most of college. It has a way of changing evening the largest problems, like learning, into forgettable afterthoughts – like this book for instance. Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans covers the art and history of the last century of beer cans. The full color book will trick you in to learning, but when it’s about beer that’s not going to bother you. Due to supply shortage and government regulations, Encyclopedia Beertanica does not come with ancient, skunked cold ones. Yes, this book is BYOB.

Wok Signal

“Wok Signal”, a Shirt.Woot t-shirt design by Nathan W. Pyle.

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The Alphabet

“The Alphabet”, an animated short by Alessandro Novelli featuring morphing characters each representing the first letter of a type of font.

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Posted in Art and Design

Cassette Tape Portraits of Rock Musicians

Erika Simmons created wonderful cassette tape portraits of famous rock musicians as part of an ad campaign by RC Comunicação to promote a classic rock program on the Brazilian radio station Rádio Guarani FM.

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